Why 2021’s Wedding Season Is So Busy

Couple dancing in their wedding at Kellogg Conference Center

Summer has always been a popular time for weddings but 2020 there was a major lack of weddings thanks to Covid. Many brides and grooms were forced to reschedule or cancel their nuptials during the pandemic.

Many rescheduled for the 2021 season and now that season is upon on. With venues reopening and more people getting vaccinated, some couples have decided to move forward with their wedding plans. Those who have been waiting are not looking for a small ceremony either. They want the lavish wedding that they have been putting off.

We are also seeing a decrease in engagement times for some couples. After the shock of the lock down, people are eager to celebrate their special day with friends and family and are worried about the threat of a second lockdown. In 2019 the average length of an engagement was 15 months, in 2021 that time has been shaved down to 13 months.

All these rearrangements have led to a very busy 2021 wedding season. Venues are being booked for every day of every weekend. Photographers and caterers are also feeling the pressure. Many are hiring additional help from freelancers to meet the demand.

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