Kellogg Conference Hotel

Top Washington, D.C. Hotel

Surrounded by the beautiful and historic campus of Gallaudet University, Kellogg Conference Hotel is a world-class conference center and hotel in Washington, DC. 

When past guests speak of their experience at Kellogg Conference Hotel, the highlights are the amenities, the food, and the warm, personalized hospitality. They elaborate on the sensations that create impact, like the environment, location, comfort, and impeccable Platinum Service. 

Kellogg Conference Hotel has crafted an experience that blends professionalism with a feeling of modern luxury. Through meticulous fine-tuning, we’ve created a new standard for conference center hotels in Washington, DC.

Please note that our entire staff is vaccinated against COVID-19.

Interior of a spacious Ballroom at Kellogg Conference Center

Flexible Meeting Spaces for Signature Events

Kellogg Conference Hotel has perfected the formula needed for you to not only host a successful event but also create one that goes beyond even the highest standards. With 17,000 square feet of meeting space, Kellogg Conference Hotel provides a versatile event location for everyone, from private corporations to government agencies and educational institutions.


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Standard Double Queen bedroom at Kellogg Conference Center

Standard Two Queen

At roughly 325 square feet in size, Kellogg Conference Hotel’s Standard Double Queen rooms are designed for efficiency.

Standard Queen Jr. suite at Kellogg Conference Center

Standard Queen Jr. Suite

The Standard Queen Jr. Suite comes with multiple sleeping options, with a cozy Queen bed along with a sofa bed.

Executive Club Level King suite at Kellogg Conference Center

Executive Club Level King Suite

These exclusive rooms are Kellogg’s most spacious at 400 square feet.

Where We Are

Perfectly located in the center of the nation’s capital on the campus of Gallaudet University, Kellogg Conference Hotel is surrounded by beautiful architecture and steps from vibrant dining and nightlife. Kellogg Conference Hotel is ideal for anyone who wants to unwind or take in the sites, bites, and sounds of Washington, DC.

Hudson culinary dishes served at Kellogg Conference Center

Delicious Food Starts With the Finest Ingredients

Tasty food made with fresh ingredients, that's our philosophy. We believe in creating dishes that nourish your mind and body. Our menus are full of indulgent flavors, quality ingredients and presented with elegance. At Kellogg Conference Hotel we always aim to leave your taste buds in wonder, yearning for the next bite.


The Gesture Literacy Knowledge Studio

For more than 150 years, Gallaudet has been the political, social, and economic engine of the deaf community. Deaf history and culture are integrated into everything we do. In addition to a diverse staff that speaks many languages including American Sign Language (ASL) and Gesture, we are home to the Gesture Literacy Knowledge Studio. This innovative studio was created to generate new knowledge, new experiences, and new paradigms related to gesture.


Recording in GL Knowledge Studio at Kellogg Conference Center

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People discussing at an conference at Kellogg Conference Center