Fuel Up & Focus

The entrance to Bistro Café at Kellogg Conference Center

In order to achieve the best results and keep the meeting attendees revitalized and focused, Kellogg Conference Hotel’s experienced Chefs have also created an assortment of light meals to minimize resources utilized in digestion. Complex carbohydrates and low glycemic-index foods have replaced white flour and sugars as much as possible to support stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. Salt content is considerably reduced to avoid an immediate and detrimental effect on blood circulation.

A balanced ratio of proteins to carbohydrates has been devised to produce the biological state the meeting attendees require during their day-long meetings. High protein/low carbohydrate meals are provided to help stimulate the brain, and low protein/high carbohydrate food choices are also presented to help relax the brain after long and congested information sessions.
Choose from a variety of healthy foods, such as:
Whole Grain Breakfast Bowl with
Grains, Herbs, Vegetables, & Potato
Whole Fruit
Assorted Mighty Leaf Teas
Cucumber Mint Water
Freekeh, Feta, and Chili Pepper
Mint Salad
Citrus Salad with Pomegranate
Mustard Greens, and Turmeric
Chickpea Raspberry Salad
Herb Garlic Chicken
Wheat Bulgar Pilaf
A “Make Your Own” Guacamole
Bar served with freshly baked Pita
Chips and Yucca Chips
And so much more!