Important 2023 Dates for Conference and Event Planners

Hand working on the laptop at Kellogg Conference Center

Federal Holidays 

Scheduling an event over a holiday weekend can be good or bad, depending on your audience. If your audience primarily views your event as work, then they may resent giving up a three-day-weekend for it. However, if your audience sees your event as personal, this timing may allow them to attend without taking off work. 


Monday, January 02  

New Year’s Day 

Monday, January 16  

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Monday, February 20  

Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day 

Monday, May 29  

Memorial Day 

Monday, June 19  

Juneteenth National Independence Day 

Tuesday, July 04  

Independence Day 

Monday, September 04  

Labor Day 

Monday, October 09  

Columbus Day 

Friday, November 10  

Veterans Day 

Thursday, November 23  

Thanksgiving Day 

Monday, December 25  

Christmas Day 


Make sure also to check state holidays if relevant. 


Religious Holidays 

Although this list is by no means exhaustive, these are holidays that it’s generally good to avoid scheduling over. 


Christian Holidays 

Wednesday, February 22, Ash Wednesday 

Friday, April 7                     Good Friday 

Sunday, April 9, Easter 

Monday, December 25, Christmas  


Jewish Holidays 

April 5- April 13 Passover* 

September 15-September 17 Rosh Hashana 

September 24-September 25 Yom Kippur 

December 7 – First night of Hanukkah 


* The first and last two days of Passover are the only days that are work restricted for observant Jews. However, many Jews of all levels of observance keep dietary restrictions during all of Passover that would make attendance at an all-day event difficult. 


Muslim Holidays 

March 22-April 21 Ramadan* 

April 21-April 22 Eid al-Fitr 


* During Ramadan, observant Muslims do not eat during daylight hours. This could make attending a conference very difficult. 


Non-Official Holidays 

Although these dates are not official federal holidays or official religious holidays, some people may object to being away from their family for them. 

February 14, Valentine’s Day 

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day 

October 31 Halloween 


Depending on the community you are trying to serve, you may also want to research cultural and ethnic holidays or sporting events. You will never find a perfect date that fits everyone’s needs. However, being aware of potential conflicts can help you choose a more sensitive and popular date.