A Culinary Journey with Chef Jesus Vazquez Sarracino: Passion, Inspiration, and Tradition

Who inspired you to start cooking? 

Chef's Answer: "My mom and my grandpa." 

Chef Jesus attributes his culinary passion to the two pillars of his life - his mom and grandpa. His mom's dedication to providing warm, elaborate meals shaped his appreciation for the art of cooking. Grandpa, on the other hand, contributed a cherished family sauce recipe that Chef Jesus proudly replicates, preserving a tradition passed down through generations. 


Original: Quien te inspiro a empezar a cocinar? 

Mi mama y mi abuelo, mi mama por todo el cuidado y tiempo que gastaba asegurandose que tuvieramos comida caliente todos los dias, algunas veces platillos muy elaborados para una mama promedio, y mi abuelo porque los fines de semana siempre hacia una salsa receta familiar, y yo soy uno de las pocas personas que la puede preparar como el. 


Who do you look up to in the food industry? 

Chef's Answer: "Chef Drew Deckman." 

Chef Jesus expresses his admiration for Chef Drew Deckman, an American chef with a deep love for Mexican cuisine. Having worked with Chef Deckman, Chef Jesus is inspired by his creativity and mastery of culinary techniques, making him a significant influence in Chef Jesus's culinary journey. 


Original: A quien admiras en la industria culinarian? 

Uno de los Chefs que yo admire es chef Drew Deckman, trabaje con el en el pasado, es un chef americano que ama Mexico, me gusta que tan creative es y todas las tecnicas que el conoce. 


What's a dish that tastes like home? 

Chef's Answer: "Enchiladas." 

For Chef Jesus, the dish that encapsulates the essence of home is the humble yet richly flavored enchiladas, a nostalgic connection to the comfort and warmth of family gatherings. 


Original: Que platillo sabe como casa? 



Favorite thing to cook? 

Chef's Answer: "Sushi & all Asian food." 

Chef Jesus's culinary expertise extends to the vibrant and diverse realm of Asian cuisine, with a particular fondness for crafting sushi. His passion for these flavors reflects a dedication to mastering the intricate techniques and artistry behind each dish. 


Original: Que es tu cosa favorita para cocinar? 

Sushi y toda la comida asiatica 


What language do you speak in the kitchen, at work, or home? Spanish/Spanglish/English or all? 

Chef's Answer: "I speak both languages in both places." 

In navigating the multicultural settings of both the kitchen and home, Chef Jesus seamlessly communicates in English and Spanish. At work, his consideration for a diverse team leads him to prioritize clarity, while at home, the linguistic exchange between him, his wife, and their son involves a beautiful blend of both languages. 


Original: Que idioma hablas en la cocina, en el trabajo, o en casa? 

Hablo los 2 idiomas en los 2 lugares, en el trabajo porque tengo gente hispana, trato de hacerlo mas entendible para todos, en casa, mi esposa y yo hablamos espanol pero le estamos ensenando los 2 idiomas a nuestro hijo. 



Chef Jesus Vazquez Sarracino's culinary journey is a fusion of familial influences, international inspiration, and a dedication to preserving culinary traditions. Through his favorite dishes and linguistic versatility, he brings a unique and enriching perspective to the world of gastronomy, inviting others to savor the flavors of his passion and experiences.