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Kellogg Conference Hotel Introduces M.O.V.E. Meetings

As part of its effective meetings program, Kellogg Conference Hotel has created M.O.V.E. Meetings initiative. M.O.V.E. stands for Motivate, Optimize, Vitalize, and Empower. The goal is to provide meeting attendees exercise equipment and facilities to conduct light workouts between sessions and combat meeting fatigue that is inherent with staying stationary for hours on end.

In order to achieve the best results and keep the meeting attendees revitalized and focused, Kellogg Conference Hotel's experienced chefs have also created an assortment of light meals to minimize resources utilized in digestion. Complex carbohydrates and low glycemic-index foods have replaced white flour and sugars as much as possible to support stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. Salt content is considerably reduced to avoid an immediate and detrimental effect on blood circulation. A balanced ratio of proteins to carbohydrates has been devised to produce the biological state the meeting attendees require during their day long meetings. High protein/low carbohydrate meals are provided to help stimulate the brain, and low protein/high carbohydrate food choices are also presented to help relax the brain after long and congested information sessions.

Water, water, water! Hydration is essential. Most meeting attendants lose considerable amounts of water while attending meetings and information sessions that require them to stay alert during the day. Kellogg Conference Hotel has designed a Hydration Station that provides elemental beverages such as mineral water and fresh fruit juices essentially eliminating sugary and carbonated drinks. In addition, a fresh selection of fresh and juicy local fruits is available to supplement the mind and body while providing the much needed hydration lost throughout the day.

As part of the M.O.V.E. Meetings initiative, Kellogg Conference Hotel has developed light exercise programs along with day meeting packages that include custom planned breakfast, lunch and breaks menus tailored to address specific meeting objectives offering the essential nutrients and adequate hydration required to keep meeting attendants at their peak throughout their meetings and beyond. Certifeid Personal Trainers are also available if you want to kick your exercise program up a notch

It's not just comfortable chairs and meeting facility amenities; Kellogg Conference Hotel is dedicated to leading the way in providing the healthiest choices to help every meeting attendee Run More Effective Meetings with M.O.V.E.

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