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Eat Well = Meet Well


Minimize white flour and sugars, which play havoc with blood glucose levels throughout the day. Provide complex carbohydrates, low fat, glycemic-index food with plenty of protein options, and wholesome sugars such as honey.


Varies depending on the objective of the meeting.

  • Meeting objectives require alertness, clear thinking and learning states: Stimulate the brain with a high protein/low carbohydrate balance.
  • Meeting objectives are team building, social networking or meeting may be stressful, the balance can be more toward complex carbohydrates to relax the brain. Provide whole grain pasta or brown rice work well to comfort while providing sustainable energy.

Keep it low-glycemic, while providing healthy treats with complex carbohydrates, fruit and some protein such as cheese or nut products. Afternoon time is crucial to a great ending. Follow the basic break rules plus lots of fruits and some protein to counteract afternoon brain and mental fatigue.

General Principles

Keep meals light to minimize resources utilized in digestion.

  • Provide complex carbohydrates and low glycemic –index foods to support stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. Minimize white flour and sugars as much as possible.
  • Minimize salt content to avoid an immediate and detrimental effect on blood circulation.
  • Provide foods that produce the biological state you desire. The balance of protein to carbohydrates is key:
    • High protein/low carbohydrate meals perk up the brain: FISH, CHICKEN, SOY AND DAIRY.
    • Low protein/high carbohydrate meals relax the brain: POTATOES, BEANS, RICE, NUTS.
  • Remember to FLOSS – Fresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable, Seasonal
  • Water, Water, Water! Hydration is essential.

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